Winners of the EFFS Award

Winners of the EFFS Award for the best PhD Dissertation in Freshwater Sciences (2017-2018)

The jury of the call for the best EFFS 2017-2018 PhD thesis Award has decided awarding Dr. Ádám Lovas-Kiss, for his PhD thesis titled Migratory waterbirds as key vectors of dispersal for plants and invertebrates – case studies from Europe. The thesis was selected by the Magyar Hidrológiai Társaság (MHT, Hungarian Hydrological Society) and defended at the University of Debrecen (Magyarország), being supervised by Prof. Dr. Attila Molnar V. and Prof. Dr. Andy J. Green.

Additionally to its outstanding scientific relevance, the jury highlighted the Pan-European character of the thesis, which further contributes to a shared European vision of Freshwater Sciences. Dr. Lovas-Kiss will give a plenary lecture on Friday 5th July, 2019 at SEFS-11 to be held in Zagreb.

Among the 16 candidates, presented by EFFS-Federated societies from 10 European countries, the jury highlighted the high scientific quality of all works, and decided to award a second and a third prize, that will be presented as posters at the EFYR stand in SEFS-11.

The second place award is given to Dr. Maja Grubišić, for her PhD thesis titled Effects of artificial light at night on benthic primary producers in freshwaters. The thesis was selected by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie (DGL, German Limnological Society), and was conducted at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries Berlin (Deutschland), Freie Universität Berlin (Deutschland), University of Trento (Italia), and Fondazione Edmund Mach (Italia). The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Franz Hölker; co-supervisors were: Dr. Michael T. Monaghan, Dr. M. Cristina Bruno and Prof. Dr. Guido Zolezzi.

The third place award went to Dr. Susana Pallarés, for her PhD thesis titled Ecological and evolutionary physiology of aquatic beetles: coping with multiple stressors in inland saline waters. The thesis was selected by the Asociación/Associação Ibérica de Limnologia (AIL, Iberian Limnological Society), and was developed at the University of Murcia (España). The thesis was co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Josefa Velasco, Prof. Dr. Andrés Millan, and Dr. Paula Arribas.

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