Poziv na predavanje – Impacts of urbanisation on the structure and dynamics of temperate, low order stream food webs

Pozivamo vas na predavanje koje će se održati u srijedu, 21. 6. 2017. godine u 10:00h u Biblioteci Botaničkog zavoda Biološkog odsjeka PMF-a, Rooseveltov trg 6 (3. kat), održati Elliot Laurence Pric Postgraduate Student M.Sc. Aquatic Ecology by Research sa Sveučilišta Queen Mary University of London, UK, koji trenutno boravi na Zoologijskom zavodu Biološkog odsjeka PMF-a, gdje izrađuje svoj diplomski rad.


The rate of urbanisation in many regions across the globe is accelerating and is predicted to continue well into the late 21st century. Such urbanisation is drastically altering the conditions of aquatic habitats such as streams and lakes within those areas. Streams are easily influenced by changes to the surrounding land use, thus the reduction of riparian vegetation and more point and diffuse source pollutant inputs create a physically, chemically and ecologically altered system that has consequences for the taxonomic and functional composition of resident macroinvertebrate communities. Such changes alter the dynamics and flow of nutrients and energy through the entire food web. Using stable isotope ratios of 12C/13C and 14N/15N in whole tissues of macroinvertebrates and potential food sources, we can estimate how urbanisation may be changing the delicate balance of these food webs.