For young scientist

Dear young and fresh scientists,

as you might know the next SEFS meeting will be held in Olomouc (Czech Republic) from the 2nd to the 7th of July of 2017 ( To ensure that the meeting meets the expectations of young scientists we would like to take into consideration all of your suggestions. The European Federation for Freshwater Sciences is known by its commitment to promoting younger generations, creating a group composed exclusively by young scientists (i.e. PhD and early postdocs) known as EFYR ( The group organizes activities aimed at helping young scientists to move forward in their career (e.g. organizing workshops, posting jobs, launching awards and collaborative projects). During the past meetings we have carried out several activities (e.g. mixers, musical performances, sports) to strengthen the bonds among young and senior scientists. We are now welcoming any ideas for the next SEFS meeting; e.g. we could have a mentor mixer in which senior scientists are arranged in tables according to different career themes and students change tables every 10 minutes, similar to a speed-dating. This is your chance to customize the next SEFS meeting according to your interests!. Just send an e-mail to Núria Cid ( and Miguel Cañedo-Argüelles (, who are the representatives of EFYR before December 23rd. They will take all of your suggestions into consideration and discuss them with the SEFS10 organizing committee.