SOBS – Plenary lectures

Dr Thibault Datry works at the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (IRSTEA) in Lyon, France.  His research focuses on the ecology of rivers and hyporheic zones, with particular emphasis on intermittent rivers. He has published more than 120 peer-reviewed papers on stream and groundwater ecology and co-edited the first book on intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams. He led the international synthesis project IRBAS ( and chairs the SMIRES Cost Action (SMIRES) on the science and management of these ecosystems.





Dr Tomáš Hauer works at the University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, and Institute of Botany AS CR, Třeboň, Czech Republic. His research is focused mainly on diversity and taxonomy of Cyanobacteria from wide range of habitats including natural aquatic, terrestrial as well as industrial. He is a co-leader of the Determination Course of Freshwater and Terrestrial Cyanobacterial held regularly at the University of South Bohemia specialists from the field. As a side-project he collaborates on algal diversity monitoring in nature protected areas.