About us

CAFE (Croatian association of freshwater ecologists) is a professional association open to all of you interested in freshwater ecology. The association was founded on the February 14th of 2014. aiming   to promote the importance and values of freshwater ecosystems and the acquirement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of freshwater ecology. CAFE’s activities rest on the scientists professionally engaged in freshwater ecology research. In CAFE’s activities and membership we would like to integrate experts in the field of water resources management, students and anyone interested in exploring and preserving the Croatian inland waters. Our desire is to pursue these goals in collaboration with other national and international institutions.

Our vision is to become the leading organization for the provision of information and opinions on topics in the field of freshwater ecology and management of water resources in Croatia.

Our mission is to stimulate interest in freshwater ecology and provide support for planning and carrying out research of fresh waters at all levels from amateur-enthusiast to scientific.

All who share the same interests and at the same time need support in their freshwater ventures or wish to participate in ours are welcome to contact CAFE.

Objectives of CAFE are:
• Promotion and development of ecology and freshwater sciences on the popular, professional and scientific level.
• Improvement of programs of study of biology at the University of Zagreb and other universities and colleges in Croatia.
• Preservation and protection of water, aquatic, riparian and adjacent habitats and aquatic organisms and biodiversity.
• Connecting with the student, civil and other organizations in the Republic of Croatia in the world for the purpose of the technical and scientific cooperation.
• Contribution to the realization of a modern, liberal, democratic, pluralistic, tolerant, non-violent society and society of knowledge.